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Week 1
Wed 08:00 PM
Lesson 1
Fri 08:00 PM 
Lesson 2
Sun 08:00 PM
Lesson 3
Parent made reservation to Lesson 2 for Friday 08:00 PM
* All different lessons are scheduled at certain days as Lesson 1 is always at wed 8:PM, Lesson 2 is always at Fri 8:PM Lesson 3 is always at Sun 8:PM
*Reservation for the week starts at Monday 01:00 AM and deadlines is as follow;
for Wed time slot: up to 05:00 PM ( 3 Hours before)
for Fri time slot: up to 05:00 PM ( 3 Hours before)
for Sun time slot: up to 05:00 PM ( 3 hours before)
so parent can make for any lesson according to package conditions.
If kid has 3 lessons per week it means parent can make reservation for 3 lessons and these reservations dont have to be in proceeding orders. As you do above you can reserve for Lesson 2 before Lesson 1.. and then you can reserve for lesson 1 the following day if reservation deadline for lesson 1 didnt end up up to that time.
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